Enan Galaly

Enan Galaly has worked his way up from the very bottom of the hospitality industry to become the Founder and President of Helnan International Hotels in addition to many international worldwide positions.

Galaly has an international reputation for the intercultural understanding, hence he was interested, supported and encouraged greater dialogue based on mutual respect among global citizens, organizations communities and countries.

The picture shows Enan Galaly after being granted one of the highest titles in Denmark  and Europe “Knight of Dannebrog”,   by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II. Galaly also is granted several global medals as well as honorary certificates in various fields.

Mr. Enan Galaly’s Word

Egypt is the “cradle of civilizations” such as the Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic, Arabic and Islamic. Also, the Turkish, French, English, Italians and Germans lived and left their footsteps on this land.

All this not only brought diversity that added richness to its civilization but influenced the country, its history, and the entire world. It has developed over thousands of years and the Egyptian people have contributed greatly in the global progress in different sectors.

Located in the Middle East and the Arab world as well as overlooking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Egypt belongs to both the Asian and African continents. It is not surprising that Egypt with its people and such a unique geographic site, was the center of the above mentioned civilizations and religions.

This is the country I grew up in. I am proud of and have appreciation for all the aforementioned human cultures Egypt has hosted. Living in an era witnessing renewal of the dialogue of civilizations, I value these societies with their different religions; namely, Judaism, Christianity and Islam which mentions the Holy Family.

In the Holy Bible, one reads:

Blessed be Egypt My people. [Isaiah 19].

 The Holy Qur’an mentions:

The likeness of Jesus with God like Adam, created from dust, then said to him, “Be.” [Al-Imran 59]

 I was impressed by the efforts of the Dutch researcher Drs. Cornelis Hulsman, interested in the histories of different religions in Egypt. He briefed me on his marvelous work and valuable data concerning the Holy Family’s journey to Egypt, where they traveled to find shelter and refuge from danger. The Holy Family blessed several places there that have been preserved and protected until today by the faithful Egyptians to their country.

Due to my regular traveling, living in Western countries and staying most of my life in Denmark, which I have great respect for, as it is the country its citizens have one of the highest standards of living in the world achieved only by human resources development and without having any natural resources on its territory or under its ground.

I have seen many refugees confronting difficulties in their day-to-day living conditions, which often lead to total misconception between different people, religions, traditions and cultures. I, myself have faced the same experience at the beginning of my life as a foreign worker in Europe. Therefore, I was interested in supporting such historical fact, aiming to draw attention to the Holy Family’s journey in Egypt.

Consequently, the entire planet ought to know this historical issue, that by finding such protection, safety and respect in Egypt, the Holy Family continued their sacred message to the nations.

As most of the Western World population believes in the Holy Family, I hope by this word, they will treat the refugees who left their countries, fairly, generously and without discrimination and to remember how the Egyptians have treated the Holy Family as refugees.

Enan Galaly’s Resume

  • Good Will Ambassador of the historical relations between Denmark and the Middle East
  • Chairman of the Advisory Council, International Association of University Presidents
  • Former Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board, Lebanese American University
  • Honorary Chairman, Scandinavian Business Association, Egypt
  • Granted five Honorary Doctorates as a global citizen for different achievements from Several parts of the world, such as USA and Japan.
  • Advisor, Heart Foundation, Denmark
  • Named Citizen of Celebrate Africa Organization – Denmark
  • Honorary Citizen, in different cities – USA