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Bir al-Sahaba

When the Holy Family reached the well of Bir al-Sahaba, a few kilometers south of Beni Hasan (there is no direct road though) and north of Dayr Abu Hinnis in the desert, they found no water. Jesus wanted to return to the Nile to get water, but suddenly a large cloud appeared and provided them with shade against the burning sun, then a well was formed to quench the thirst of the Holy Family. This fascinating oral tradition thus explains the name of the well, for al-Sahaba means cloud in Arabic.
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Searching the Route: On the History and Present of the Holy Family Tradition

Featured photo: Norbert Schiller, a priest blessed a child and two women at Kom Maria just outside the village of Dayr Abu Hinnis.

The text below is an Egypt Today article from the year 2000, when H.H. Pope Shenouda and President Mubarak were still in power.

Author: Cornelis Hulsman

Egypt’s oldest churches and monasteries have always attracted many hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year.” The Coptic Orthodox Church, to which 90 percent of Egypt’s Christians belong, has convinced authorities and the public of the flight’s importance, and the Ministry of Tourism has since actively supported religious tourism, publishing a photo book and distributing it worldwide. In the past year dozens of articles have appeared in the Egyptian press about the project, and Nile TV broadcast an awareness-raising documentary during Pope John Paul’s recent visit. The American University in Cairo Press is also publishing a book about the Holy Family.
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