Sinai & Delta

Featured photo: A.Krause-laif, Metrpolitan Bishoy in front Convent of St. Dimyana.

The Holy Family entered Egypt at Rafah and went through Al-Farama to Tell Basta, once capital of Egypt , to Musturud, now a well-known pilgrimage site near Cairo . Their route went to Bilbays where Jesus resurrected the son of a widow. They went over Daqadus to Samannud, where the fourth century child-martyr Abanub is venerated. The Holy Family went to Dimyana where Saint Dimyana and the forty virgins were martyred in the third century.

Today you find on this spot a beautiful convent with the shrine of Dimyana and forty virgins. Sakha’s pride is the stone with the footprint of Jesus. Whether they went to Wadi al-Natrun is not certain but nevertheless Wadi al-Natrun, Egypt’s most important center of monasticism since the fourth century, was definitely blessed by the Holy Family.

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