Dimyana ( Burullus)

Dimyana is a mixed Christian-Muslim village, with a convent built on a spot where according to the tradition, the Holy Family passed through the nearby area of Burullus. The name of the convent goes back to St. Dimyana who chose the trodden place of the Holy Family to worship God, and where she was martyred along with 40 virgins during the persecution of the Roman Emperor Diocletian (284-305).

When we visit this convent we see the tomb of St. Dimyana and the remains of a beautiful 9th century church. Clergymen will explain to you the importance of the traditions around the village of Dimyana. The Convent of St. Dimyana is filled with marvelous mosaic paintings that will capture your attention. We thus will also see the nuns excelling in making absolute astonishing icons for low prices.

Dimyana in the year 2002.
Dimyana in the year 2005.

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