Abu Serga

The Church of St. Sergius and St Bacchus, or Abu Serga in Arabic, is among the most ancient churches in Old Cairo. It is built over the traditional site of a cave said to have sheltered the Holy Family during their sojourn in the area.

Abu Serga is of the basilican type supported by two lines of colonnades, one of the 12 columns contrasts the other with its red color, which according to the tradition represents Judas Iscariot. Traces of mural paintings can still be found on these columns even until today. The screen of the central sanctuary dates from the 13th century, above the ebony and ivory inlaid panel are the iconostasis of the twelve apostles.

Entering from the southern sanctuary that is no longer in use, and descending through a flight of steps, you will find yourself inside the crypt that the Holy Family once took for refuge.  Ascending from the other side of the crypt into the northern sanctuary, you can then behold the well blessed by the Chrsit Child.

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