Ishnin al-Nasara

Continuing their flight, the Holy Family reached Ishnin al-Nasara, a village literally means the Garden of the Christians. It is believed that uppon reaching the village, the Christ Child felt thirsty. The Holy Family saw a well, but it was empty and Jesus cried. The Holy Virgin took his finger and held it over the well which then produced water immediately. After they had drunk enough, the water fell back to a low level.  Although The well is now covered for protection, pilgrims still gather every year on August 21 to witness the miracle that the well’s water rises at around 4:00 p.m.

Pilgrims also come for the relics of father Mikhael al-Behery, a disciple of the late 19th century bishop Abraam. His relics were obtained by the church in 1991.

In Ishnin al- Nasara, we will visit the Church of St. George with its 12 domes symbolizing the 12 disciples. Some estimates the present church to be perhaps on thousand years old.

Father Yassa in the village is from a priestly lineage, meaning several of his family members are clerics as well. Father Yo’annis, whose father and two brothers are priests likewise, is even preparing his only son to be a priest. Such phenomenon has become rarer in Egypt nowadays.

Ishnin al Nasara in year 2000
Ishnin al Nasara in year 2017

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