South of Dayrut, lies al-Qusiya, which, according to tradition has not only been visited by the Holy Family but is also the only town that has been cursed by them. It says the inhabitants of the town chased the Holy Family away with no hospitality, hence the Christ Child uttered curse against the town.

However, local Christians believe that the curse refers to a specific location in al-Qusiya where a pharaonic temple once stood. The ruins may still be there (but have not been excavated). It is a small plot of land where nothing stands and nothing grows, thus thought to be the result of the curse. Church clerics from al-Qusiya defy the tradition saying Christ couldn’t have cursed the land, for he advocated blessings over curse in the Gospels.

Over the course of time, al-Qusiya was often confused with the nearby Qusqam, beside the proximaty between the two places, their name sounds similar to each other as well.

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