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Ishnin al-Nasara

Continuing their flight, the Holy Family reached Ishnin al-Nasara, a village literally means the Garden of the Christians. It is believed that uppon reaching the village, the Christ Child felt thirsty. The Holy Family saw a well, but it was empty and Jesus cried. The Holy Virgin took his finger and held it over the well which then produced water immediately. After they had drunk enough, the water fell back to a low level.  Although The well is now covered for protection, pilgrims still gather every year on August 21 to witness the miracle that the well’s water rises at around 4:00 p.m.
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Dayr Al-Maymun

Traveling south by boat, the Holy Family reached the village of Dayr Al-Maymun or The Monastery of Al–Maymun, on the East Bank of the Nile, 25 km north of Beni Suef. Ninety percent of the village’s population is Christian. Locals believe that the Holy Family passed by their village and Jesus blessed the place. In Dayr Al-Maymun, we behold the place where St. Anthony the Great (251-356) lived for some 20 years. According to the tradition, the founder of the eremitic monasticism used to worship in the Church of Abu Sefein, adjacent to the church of St. Anthony. We will also come across the tree of Anthony, an offspring of the tree that once offered shade to the great saint.
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